3 Things Worth Spending Your Money On In Your 20s

Our 20s are the best time to do the things we want to do before we say “I Do” or have someone yelling “Mummy” at us. Whether or not we realise it, freedom is something that should really be valued whilst we have the luxury of no responsibilities. So here are 3 things RC recommend that you spend your money on in your 20s:

1. Travel

If you continue to wait for the right time to travel the right time will never come and you’ll be left saying, “I wish I just went.” Sure there may be debt or a job or something but you’ll miss out if you don’t just bite the bullet and do it. Take time out to be adventurous and experience things you never have before. Not only will you enjoy yourself but you’ll grow more conscious of the world. You may see how other people are living and decide to do charity work. The options travel gives you are endless so make sure you travel and soak up different cultures.

2. Health

Remember when you could eat pizza, chinese and McDonald’s all in one week without getting fat? Times have changed and so has your body. As we get older the saying, “You are what you eat.” couldn’t be any truer. Given we are now young professionals paving our way, a healthy diet is important to stay on top form. Pizza for lunch may have you sleeping at your desk and chinese for dinner may have you looking in the mirror wondering why your jeans feel so snug. Invest in your health by joining a gym/ taking up regular classes and eating healthier foods. Taking care of your health can mean better skin, better sleep, improved brain functions and better moods. Living a healthy lifestyle is worth the money!

3. Investments 

Although saving money is good it doesn’t give as great a return as investing. Your 20s is the best time to start investing in your future because you have less responsibilities now than you will have in your 30s. Even with the best employee benefits package, jobs don’t have the same guarantee they used to and its up to us to decide how we are going to retire as well as when we will retire. Whether its investing in stock, property or crowdfunding it’s worth learning about the investments that seem right for you. In our 20s we join the working world but unless we still want to be there in our 40s and 50s we have to start thinking about our future now.


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