The Referendum Simplified


If you’re not politically savvy or you aren’t sure what’s going on with Britain in regards to the EU, here is a quick guide to get you up to speed.


What’s this referendum about? 

A referendum is when everyone who can vote says yes or no to a question. The question we have to answer on June 23rd is whether or not Britain should leave the European Union (EU). The EU allows people and goods to move around all states as if we were one big country. It’s an economic and political partnership that has 28 countries from Europe within it.

Why should I care about this referendum?

If you travel through Europe regularly then the outcome affects you. If you have family back home (outside of Britain) who may want to move to the UK then the outcome may affect you.

Why do people want to leave?

Some have argued that the Britain has not had a say in whether or not they want to be in the EU since 1975. Approximately 50% of Conservative MPs and several Labour MPs believe the EU is holding Britain back. One of the ways they are being held back is not having full control over the number of people coming to work here. Also apart from France & Germany, the UK is one of the member states that pay more into the EU budget than they get out


Why do people want to stay?

There is quite a number of individuals that want us to stay in the EU, from David Cameron to the Lib Dems & Barack Obama. A big debate is that the flow of immigrants helps economy growth because they usually come to Britain with an eagerness to work.

If we leave the EU, will we see changes take place immediately?

The minimum time after a vote to leave is 2 years. In those 2 years, we will continue to abide by EU laws however we won’t have a say in the changes that the EU makes from then on.



If we leave the EU, what happens to houses?

A lot more houses will become available because so many EU citizens will have to leave. This may mean in booming cities like London, there could be a massive dip in house prices. If you are struggling to get a house because of steep prices, this may be a positive for you. However, if you own a few properties or your parents own a few then it means the value of their houses may decline which is a negative for them.


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