Young People’s Attitudes Towards Retirement

I stare at my mother sometimes and think about how quickly life is passing. The concept of me growing older is one thing but I forget others are growing too. This includes my nieces and nephews as well as the elders in my family. As I dọ̀bálẹ̀* out of respect for them, they often remindContinue reading “Young People’s Attitudes Towards Retirement”

An Interview With Leomie Anderson

From Victoria’s Secret to Yeezy Season, she is taking the Fashion world by storm. It only felt right that we interviewed her, to gain further insight into her progression as a model and female entrepreneur.   Please tell our readers a bit about yourself My name is Leomie Anderson, I am 24 years old and currentlyContinue reading “An Interview With Leomie Anderson”

“I Quit My Job To Travel The World”

It was really exciting to read your post about deciding to leave your job to go travelling. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? First of all thanks for the read… I hope you were inspired! Sure thing! Hence the blog name ‘MoveWithDoyin‘ my name is Doyin. I’m a 24-year-old Londoner who adores beingContinue reading ““I Quit My Job To Travel The World””

What To Consider When Starting A Business

In the last decade, it has become desirable to pursue entrepreneurship as a career path. Social media is strewn with posts about young people finding riches out of anything and everything. I, myself, have been seduced by the idea of creating something of my own, on my terms. Starting a business can be overwhelming andContinue reading “What To Consider When Starting A Business”

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