Joy’s Power Round Up of February 2018

Welcome to the second installment of my monthly power round up. January was the longest month of the year. February flew by so quickly I felt that I wasn’t able to try enough financial products and services. That withstanding, here is a brief but useful list of what I was down for in February. TSBContinue reading “Joy’s Power Round Up of February 2018”

Joy’s Power Round Up of January 2018

Last month, the Refined Currency team ran our first ‘Let’s Talk Money’ forum of 2018 discussing money in almost all its entirety. Those honest and insightful conversations with people looking to make their money work better for them and a little inspiration from a fellow contributor, Josy, provide the inspiration for this post. Here’s aContinue reading “Joy’s Power Round Up of January 2018”

1 in 3 Millennials Borrow Money To Avoid FOMO

A new study of millennials, by Ferratum UK, reveals key information about how they spend and borrow money at Christmas and for events, and how comfortable they are speaking about finances. Key findings 1 in 4 millennials would cancel Christmas this year to clear all their debt. 37% would borrow money to avoid missing an eventContinue reading “1 in 3 Millennials Borrow Money To Avoid FOMO”

The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving Like a Pro!

Saying the words ‘saving’ and ‘spending’ in the same sentence can often feel like shouting a curse word. Does it really make sense to buy another on-trend skirt when you are saving for a deposit? Let’s not even start thinking about that Celine bag that’s been on your wish list for about 5 years! Eniola-Tamara,Continue reading “The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving Like a Pro!”

5 Reasons You Should Register To Vote

For those based in Great Britain, you are aware that a General Election is taking place on June 8th. Theresa May called this impromptu election who is currently working on making good negotiations for Brexit. However, due to her snap election, we now have a choice. In order to vote on June 8th, you must register to voteContinue reading “5 Reasons You Should Register To Vote”

An Interview With Leomie Anderson

From Victoria’s Secret to Yeezy Season, she is taking the Fashion world by storm. It only felt right that we interviewed her, to gain further insight into her progression as a model and female entrepreneur.   Please tell our readers a bit about yourself My name is Leomie Anderson, I am 24 years old and currentlyContinue reading “An Interview With Leomie Anderson”

The Financial Adviser Making Luxury Affordable

Please, introduce yourself to our readers. I’m Urenna, I work as a financial adviser and I manage the wealth of high net worth individuals. I was contacted by the HR Manager of the company I work for via LinkedIn, came in for a couple of interviews and 2.5 years down the line I’m still here!Continue reading “The Financial Adviser Making Luxury Affordable”

“I Quit My Job To Travel The World”

It was really exciting to read your post about deciding to leave your job to go travelling. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? First of all thanks for the read… I hope you were inspired! Sure thing! Hence the blog name ‘MoveWithDoyin‘ my name is Doyin. I’m a 24-year-old Londoner who adores beingContinue reading ““I Quit My Job To Travel The World””

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