3 Factors To Consider When You Start Your Own Business

More people than ever before are now working for themselves and building something they can call their own. There is a rise of the female #GirlBoss and regardless of popular or unpopular opinion, the new age businesswoman is here to stay. Although there may be a plethora of women who are honing their present andContinue reading “3 Factors To Consider When You Start Your Own Business”

3 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’

Many of us may understand the benefits of savings, however, we may not know how to create or manage our money. There is a range of books that cover personal finance, from Napoleon’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to Thomas J. Stanley’s ‘The Millionaire Next Door’. One of the best-selling personal finance books ‘Rich Dad, PoorContinue reading “3 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’”

How Multi Tasking Is Affecting Your Productivity

We live in a society where ‘multi-tasking’ is widely praised, however multi-tasking can actually be damaging to productivity. At a young age, we learn how to juggle many things at once such as being on our laptop, whilst eating dinner and watching TV. Although multi-tasking may be a way of living for most individuals, it’sContinue reading “How Multi Tasking Is Affecting Your Productivity”

7 Tips To Elevate Your Career

Success is often noted to be down to two things: connections and skill. Once you’ve acquired both of these things you are more likely to perform better in every aspect of your career. Hard work is essential but mastering the art of networking as well as building a portfolio of skills is also important. HereContinue reading “7 Tips To Elevate Your Career”

5 Principles To Live By

What’s your definition of success? There are many stories about success, but first, what is the definition of ‘success’? According to Google dictionary, ‘success’ is defined as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’, but some people might say or believe that having expensive and luxury items are a sign of success. So if successContinue reading “5 Principles To Live By”

6 Reasons Networking Is Important

Technology, work structure and the overall landscape of business are changing very rapidly. Even if you decide to change the direction of your career or start to engage with different kinds of projects, there are skills that stay with you and enhance your career growth. Here are reasons why you should be networking frequently. 1. NetworkingContinue reading “6 Reasons Networking Is Important”