5 Books To Empower You For International Women’s Day

This week Thursday marks International Women’s Day. To celebrate this, the Refined Currency team has collated a list of 5 game-changing and provocative books. This list includes books full of triumphs and struggles, written by women telling their own stories on their own terms. They speak on empowerment, equality and feminism. Whether young or old,Continue reading “5 Books To Empower You For International Women’s Day”

My Best Career, Money & Life Advice To Those In Their 20s

While we have so much to learn about career, life and money matters, it’s always helpful when we can learn from those who have already had some of the experiences we are about to face. Below is an interview that is both inspiring and motivating to help you get to where you want to beContinue reading “My Best Career, Money & Life Advice To Those In Their 20s”

An Interview With Leomie Anderson

From Victoria’s Secret to Yeezy Season, she is taking the Fashion world by storm. It only felt right that we interviewed her, to gain further insight into her progression as a model and female entrepreneur.   Please tell our readers a bit about yourself My name is Leomie Anderson, I am 24 years old and currentlyContinue reading “An Interview With Leomie Anderson”

Why Your 20s Is The ‘Defining Decade’

As a fellow 20 something, I have come to realise how value the last 4 years have been. In particular, my personal growth and development. I would like to share with you, 4 reasons why I’ve personally found my 20s, a defining decade so far. RELATIONSHIPS This will continue to be a testing factor throughoutContinue reading “Why Your 20s Is The ‘Defining Decade’”

Why Investing In Yourself Is Important

Don’t throw away your books just yet. During our early years, we are constantly engaged in learning. We start off with nursery, head off to primary and secondary school, then head off to either sixth form or college and then perhaps by choice go to University. When we are done with compulsory education, some ofContinue reading “Why Investing In Yourself Is Important”

A Conversation With A 23 Year Old Homeowner

A conversation took place on Friday evening with an inspiring and motivated young homeowner, Jade Vanriel, who definitely embodies Refined Currency’s motto. Jade Vanriel defines what it means to be The New Age of Women and Money. For those that don’t know you, please introduce yourself. I’m a 23-year-old vlogger from London that studied Law. I workContinue reading “A Conversation With A 23 Year Old Homeowner”

5 Principles To Live By

What’s your definition of success? There are many stories about success, but first, what is the definition of ‘success’? According to Google dictionary, ‘success’ is defined as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’, but some people might say or believe that having expensive and luxury items are a sign of success. So if successContinue reading “5 Principles To Live By”