What To Have In Place Before You Go Crypto…

Cryptocurrency. Sigh. I get it. It’s new. It’s sexy. Game-changing. Become a bitcoin millionaire overnight. What’s not sexy about that headline? We all want a piece of the action; especially when it sounds like easy money. So all I have to do is buy a couple of coins, invest in a couple of ICOs, wait aContinue reading “What To Have In Place Before You Go Crypto…”

The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving Like a Pro!

Saying the words ‘saving’ and ‘spending’ in the same sentence can often feel like shouting a curse word. Does it really make sense to buy another on-trend skirt when you are saving for a deposit? Let’s not even start thinking about that Celine bag that’s been on your wish list for about 5 years! Eniola-Tamara,Continue reading “The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving Like a Pro!”

What To Do When You’re Late With Your Bills

While we promote better money habits at Refined Currency, we understand that everyone is human and sometimes whether or not we budget we end up coming shorter than expected. As a result of this, we aren’t always able to pay for appropriate bills and instead of ignoring the situation, there are a few ways youContinue reading “What To Do When You’re Late With Your Bills”

4 Ways To Make Your Money Stretch Till Payday

‘Payday’, seems to come slowly yet it can also be gone within seconds. If your outgoings are coming out  faster than your income is coming in, then it’s time to be strategic with your spending. So how do you make your pay stretch until your next payday? Assess everything you spend your money on  FromContinue reading “4 Ways To Make Your Money Stretch Till Payday”

Dealing With 5 Difficult Money Dilemmas

Every now and again a dilemma involving money arises and it can be difficult to handle. One reason could be someone you love owing you money or you only ordered a side dish and you’ve ended up paying for someone else’s main course. It’s always vital to speak up for yourself in financial situations thatContinue reading “Dealing With 5 Difficult Money Dilemmas”