Teaching Kids About Money

One of the good aspects of being financially savvy is the ability to teach it to the people around. You can teach anybody around you; colleagues, neighbours, friends and most importantly the kids around you. Kids look differently at things you have experienced long before. They are creative, impulsive, curious and extremely new to everything.Continue reading “Teaching Kids About Money”

What We’ve Been Taught About Money & How It Affects Us 

Being around people from different backgrounds helped distinguish the differences we had from one household to another. While one friend had 4 bathrooms & went on family holidays 3 times a year there may be another friend who never had a family holiday & they come from a more “humble” home. Whether or not itContinue reading “What We’ve Been Taught About Money & How It Affects Us “

Money Lessons They Didn’t Teach Us

We would expect that after all our education, school would have been the place to learn how to handle our money. However most weren’t taught these lessons at school and sometimes we weren’t taught about money at home either. What we have or haven’t been taught about finance comes from several factors such as howContinue reading “Money Lessons They Didn’t Teach Us”