What To Have In Place Before You Go Crypto…

Cryptocurrency. Sigh. I get it. It’s new. It’s sexy. Game-changing. Become a bitcoin millionaire overnight. What’s not sexy about that headline? We all want a piece of the action; especially when it sounds like easy money. So all I have to do is buy a couple of coins, invest in a couple of ICOs, wait aContinue reading “What To Have In Place Before You Go Crypto…”

Joy’s Power Round Up of January 2018

Last month, the Refined Currency team ran our first ‘Let’s Talk Money’ forum of 2018 discussing money in almost all its entirety. Those honest and insightful conversations with people looking to make their money work better for them and a little inspiration from a fellow contributor, Josy, provide the inspiration for this post. Here’s aContinue reading “Joy’s Power Round Up of January 2018”

1 in 3 Millennials Borrow Money To Avoid FOMO

A new study of millennials, by Ferratum UK, reveals key information about how they spend and borrow money at Christmas and for events, and how comfortable they are speaking about finances. Key findings 1 in 4 millennials would cancel Christmas this year to clear all their debt. 37% would borrow money to avoid missing an eventContinue reading “1 in 3 Millennials Borrow Money To Avoid FOMO”

My Best Career, Money & Life Advice To Those In Their 20s

While we have so much to learn about career, life and money matters, it’s always helpful when we can learn from those who have already had some of the experiences we are about to face. Below is an interview that is both inspiring and motivating to help you get to where you want to beContinue reading “My Best Career, Money & Life Advice To Those In Their 20s”

Why Your Credit Score Isn’t Improving

It can be very frustrating when you’re paying your bills on time, staying within your credit limit and paying off your credit balances at the end of the month. However, there seems to be no impact on your credit score. Here are few things that may make your credit score more like a turtle andContinue reading “Why Your Credit Score Isn’t Improving”

The Financial Adviser Making Luxury Affordable

Please, introduce yourself to our readers. I’m Urenna, I work as a financial adviser and I manage the wealth of high net worth individuals. I was contacted by the HR Manager of the company I work for via LinkedIn, came in for a couple of interviews and 2.5 years down the line I’m still here!Continue reading “The Financial Adviser Making Luxury Affordable”

How To Prepare For ‘Black Friday’

Now the month of November is underway, the annual retail sales will commence. The most favoured of them all is ‘Black Friday’. This day is notorious for finding great discounts before the Christmas festivities. However, you should try to avoid overspending on this day. Here’s our tips for how to prepare for Black Friday: MakeContinue reading “How To Prepare For ‘Black Friday’”

4 Things To Know About The Lifetime ISA

Following on from the release of the Help-To-Buy ISA at the end of 2015, the Chancellor announced another ISA product called the Lifetime ISA (LISA). Launching in April 2017, this account offers people aged 18 – 40 an alternative way to save for a property or retirement. Here are four things you should know aboutContinue reading “4 Things To Know About The Lifetime ISA”