What To Have In Place Before You Go Crypto…

Cryptocurrency. Sigh. I get it. It’s new. It’s sexy. Game-changing. Become a bitcoin millionaire overnight. What’s not sexy about that headline? We all want a piece of the action; especially when it sounds like easy money. So all I have to do is buy a couple of coins, invest in a couple of ICOs, wait aContinue reading “What To Have In Place Before You Go Crypto…”

Joy’s Power Round Up of January 2018

Last month, the Refined Currency team ran our first ‘Let’s Talk Money’ forum of 2018 discussing money in almost all its entirety. Those honest and insightful conversations with people looking to make their money work better for them and a little inspiration from a fellow contributor, Josy, provide the inspiration for this post. Here’s aContinue reading “Joy’s Power Round Up of January 2018”

4 Things To Know About The Lifetime ISA

Following on from the release of the Help-To-Buy ISA at the end of 2015, the Chancellor announced another ISA product called the Lifetime ISA (LISA). Launching in April 2017, this account offers people aged 18 – 40 an alternative way to save for a property or retirement. Here are four things you should know aboutContinue reading “4 Things To Know About The Lifetime ISA”

A Conversation With A 23 Year Old Homeowner

A conversation took place on Friday evening with an inspiring and motivated young homeowner, Jade Vanriel, who definitely embodies Refined Currency’s motto. Jade Vanriel defines what it means to be The New Age of Women and Money. For those that don’t know you, please introduce yourself. I’m a 23-year-old vlogger from London that studied Law. I workContinue reading “A Conversation With A 23 Year Old Homeowner”

Why Everyone Should Have An Emergency Fund

Have you ever considered what you would do if you had a financial crisis or an emergency? Setting aside money in case of an emergency will be beneficial in the long-term, as it allows you to be prepared for any unexpected life events. This may include a car repair, overdue rent or credit card payments. ItContinue reading “Why Everyone Should Have An Emergency Fund”

4 Ways To Make Your Money Stretch Till Payday

‘Payday’, seems to come slowly yet it can also be gone within seconds. If your outgoings are coming out  faster than your income is coming in, then it’s time to be strategic with your spending. So how do you make your pay stretch until your next payday? Assess everything you spend your money on  FromContinue reading “4 Ways To Make Your Money Stretch Till Payday”