The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving Like a Pro!

Saying the words ‘saving’ and ‘spending’ in the same sentence can often feel like shouting a curse word. Does it really make sense to buy another on-trend skirt when you are saving for a deposit? Let’s not even start thinking about that Celine bag that’s been on your wish list for about 5 years! Eniola-Tamara,Continue reading “The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving Like a Pro!”

How To Prepare For ‘Black Friday’

Now the month of November is underway, the annual retail sales will commence. The most favoured of them all is ‘Black Friday’. This day is notorious for finding great discounts before the Christmas festivities. However, you should try to avoid overspending on this day. Here’s our tips for how to prepare for Black Friday: MakeContinue reading “How To Prepare For ‘Black Friday’”