5 Books To Empower You For International Women’s Day

This week Thursday marks International Women’s Day. To celebrate this, the Refined Currency team has collated a list of 5 game-changing and provocative books. This list includes books full of triumphs and struggles, written by women telling their own stories on their own terms. They speak on empowerment, equality and feminism. Whether young or old,Continue reading “5 Books To Empower You For International Women’s Day”

How A Morning Ritual Can Change Your Life

  6 months ago, I started a new job. I was basking in the glow of no commitments, no deadlines and no responsibilities, having recently graduated and moved back home. My idea of a good morning was not missing my bus, regardless of the fact that I had slept late the night before, skipped breakfast,Continue reading “How A Morning Ritual Can Change Your Life”

Money & Mental Health

Misha M, 24-year-old Therapist, talks debt, spending habits, and why we need to start talking about money Money can cause us to have an array of emotions and it’s important to address these emotions as they arise. Bola Sol, the founder of Refined Currency, took the opportunity to ask an experienced therapist, Misha M aboutContinue reading “Money & Mental Health”

5 Things To Not Feel Guilty About In Your 20s

Some people who are your age seem to know what they want to do with their lives and some others don’t. You may be somewhere in between and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choices you have. However, your 20s are supposed to be the time where you make mistakes and have fun while youContinue reading “5 Things To Not Feel Guilty About In Your 20s”